Secondary School of Arts

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​In our school music, dancing and fine arts have been taught for more than fifty years. In 2007 drama was also introduced. Consequently, there are four different departments at present with several different branches.

​After taking a successful entrance exam, students start studying in the Secondary School of Arts at the age of 14 specializing in their chosen fields. Besides the general subjects, each department provides special theoretical subjects and trainings.

At the music department students study theory and history of music and solfeggio. In addition to their own instrument, all musician students are required to play the piano.  Some students take singing as their main musical subject. The department has a choir and an orchestra as well.

The branches of the fine arts and applied arts department are the following: applied graphics, ceramics, painting, sculpturing, gold- and silver smith and textile. Besides these, students learn drawing and history of arts.

​At the department of dance the main subject is classical ballet, but dancers also study modern dance, stage-dance, acting, lifting, folk-dance, and acrobatics. They often take part in different performances in the theatres of Pécs.

The drama training aims to improve the students’ emotional, intellectual, social and physical abilities and skills, and to enrich their ways of self-expression through various dramatic activities and improvisational tasks. Students acquire these competences on a series of lessons, such as creative music and dance, poetry and prose, speaking practice, dramatization and theatrical play. From the third year on they can specialize in animation and puppet-play.

Upon successfully completing their secondary school studies, the most talented students go on studying either abroad or at different academies and colleges within Hungary. Others start working in their special fields; play in an orchestra, dance in a theatre, or work as an artist. There are numerous well-known artists who were trained at the Secondary School of Arts in Pécs.